The first day of school… in the sixth grade. It’s hard enough wondering if you’re going to be liked by the other kids or whether you have any amount of "cool” whatsoever… when you’re overweight and don’t like your body.

A cute girl approaches the school bus stop, but chubby Spencer hardly makes an impression on her. Later, there’s an invitation to go to a pool party. Better make up an excuse, since you can NEVER take your shirt off in front of these other kids. "Sorry, can’t. My swimming suit is at the cleaners.”

The other boys at school play basketball. That doesn’t seem so hard. What’s the big deal about basketball? After taking a few shots, Spencer concedes, "Okay, this is a lot harder than just putting a damn ball in a hoop.” A kid passing by calls him "Doughboy.” "Why would anyone just call me fat, laugh, and then walk away? All I wanted was to be your friend…”

A day job at the Denver Airport helps in a crucial way: Spencer can fly airline employee "stand by” on his days off and work comedy jobs in other states. Not that those gigs were necessarily a velvet staircase show business heaven either.

2 years on the road might sound romantic and free. But in a funny compression of two years touring into 2 minutes… we see that the journey was not pretty. In fact, the entire experience seems to be melting down around him when Spencer finds himself stranded in Alaska without the money or the means to get to a gig that would at least put a little cash back into his pockets. This might be it; not only the edge of the continent but the end of the line for his stand-up dreams.

Thinking it might be a hallucination incurred by his lack of sleep, Spencer finally hears an airport announcement that means he can make it to the show in Dutch Harbor. Call it sign, a break… an intervention. But by going right to the edge and coming back, Spencer has found a new way to address that thing that’s been holding him back so long; that weight of his chubby past. Maybe he’s finally realizing he can leave that behind. Maybe he doesn’t have to hide a fat kid anymore.


                Vintage Theatre

 1468 Dayton Street, Aurora, CO 80010

                 November 13th, 14th, and 15th

7:30 p.m. $10.00 per show / seat

Let's test this baby out, huh?